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MedMining is the leading provider of deep, longitudinal Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies. Our seasoned team brings to the table more than 100 years of relevant data experience. And, that’s why we understand the need for efficient, high-quality data extracts.

MedMining's data is powered by the acclaimed EMR technology of Geisinger Health System which boasts a 1,500+ member multi-specialty physician group practice, 12 hospital campuses, 83 primary and specialty clinic sites, a 510,000-member health plan, two dedicated research centers, and an active clinical trials group. Given Geisinger's offerings of primary through quarternary care services, coupled with its stable population, it is not atypical for generations of family members to receive the majority of their care at Geisinger.

The clinical and economic data includes both inpatient and outpatient, primary and specialty care settings. The core clinical data elements include vitals, laboratory results, medication orders, lifestyle data such as smoking and employment statuses, detailed encounter data, and ICD-9 and CPT-4 codes. The extensive list of specialty data elements covers 70+ specialties and subspecialties.

The economic data provided by MedMining is highly unique. These data represent the actual encounter-level cost from the provider's perspective. Specifically, our proprietary algorithms that consider fixed, variable, direct, and indirect costs result in a true measure of cost to treat the patient. Thus, MedMining customers are not limited to simple charge and reimbursement information. Incorporating this "true cost" data presents ground-breaking opportunities for pharmacoeconomic research.

While MedMining's core focus is the license of de-identified data extracts, we have a strong tie to Geisinger's research arm. As such, MedMining often facilitates access to research-related collaborations that are predicated on our data and that may be of interest to our customers, including statistical analyses, prospective studies, and genomics and other IRB-approved studies.

Finally, the quality and timeliness of our data extracts reflect our obsession with customer service. We recognize that no two research questions will ever be the same. We treat each customer request as a unique journey.